Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great game!

It's weird seeing an arsenal with a bit of balls after seeing so much of the side we're used to now. From now on if anybody quotes Wenger in saying Arsenal get bullied and kicked around I'm showing them clips of this! Dirty ****s! I wouldn't want it any other way mind.

Commentators can't stop waxing lyrical about Barcelona's pressing game but when you watch old premier league game's - even first division games from 30 years ago - you're quickly reminded of just how intense the pace was before sky's worldwide coverage made us all gasp at the slow skill-obsessed wonders of the spanish la liga. Every man in possession here was charged down by the defending team like a mob of stewards after a streaker. The pace of this game made me wonder if I'd left the fast forward key on, the cameraman must have been absolutely dizzy.

John O'Shea! What A Finish!
Heinze! Couldn't defend for shite!
Keano! Don't we miss him now, what a warrior.


  1. i like arsenal, but manu are alright :)

    interesting blog, none the less!
    followed ;)

  2. Too bad the best keeper in the world is leaving :(